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The Vento X Extension System

The VentoX aero extension system, designed to enhance your cycling performance. With optimized aerodynamics and adjustable features, it reduces drag, improves comfort, and delivers a power gain of 19.2 Watts at 50km/hr. UCI legal and compatible with most TT bikes, it's the ultimate solution for achieving an efficient and comfortable time trial position. Now, let’s move on to the introduction of VentoX in below.


At flat course, around 80% of the resistance is from aero drag, and the rider produce over 70% of the drag. With our aero extension, you can reduce the combine Cd of you and the bike by extension optimized extra wide aero shape, and the special ‘Wing’ profile armrest create a smoother airflow through your body and reduce the drag.

The angle riser uses the optimized ‘Kammtail Virtual Foil’

profile.'Kammtail Virtual Foil' is an aerodynamic form that

breaks the rules.It combines the advantages of aerodynamic

airfoils into the unique platform of bicycles, making the body

lighter, stiffer and better in crosswinds.By applying streamlines

to the components, the airfoil is designed to reduce the set

drag experienced by the rider while riding. Compared with the

traditional teardrop airfoil, the KVF has a significantly truncated

tail, which is also what makes it unique. This design not only

significantly reduces aerodynamic resistance, but also increases

the lateral stiffness, reduces weight, and increases its stability

in crosswinds. Stronger vertical compliancewill also increase riding comfort.

We have tested the extension in real world and CFD with different yaw angle. The extension providing an equivalent power gain of 19.2 Watts at 50km/hr, over a 40 km TT on a flat course, this is worth 43 seconds.


Result from our CFD and real-world tests are presented in the graphs below.

The graph shown that the extension system compare with round bar can save: 9.6w in 40km/hr; 13.4w in 45km/hr ; 19.2w in 50km/hr ; 25w in 55km/hr ; 33.6w in 60km/hr .

The graph above shown that the extension system compares with round bar improved the CdA by: 0.0121m2 in 0 deg ; 0.0135m2 in 2.5 deg ; 0.0089m2 in 5 deg ; 0.0112m2 in 7.5 deg ; 0.0052m2 in 10 deg ; 0.0058m2 in 12.5 deg


Reducing power loss due to the extreme aero position when riding a TT bike has always been a major challenge. The following key features can help adjust your time trial position to the most comfortable and aero position while also conforming to ergonomic design for improved comfort.


  Key Features:

- 49mm extra-wide profile:

provides greater support for your upper body, improving comfort.

- High adjustability:

10-30 degree fully adjustable angle riser, extension 0-5 degree toe in, two extension size XS/M & M/XL, and the ability to adjust the reach and width of the extension using our mount plate or customize spacer.

- Various replaceable handgrips:

Our extension offers various handgrips styles that can be replaced according to your riding type and personal preferences. This allows you to optimize your comfort and performance by selecting the handgrips that suits you best and enhances your overall riding experience.

- high sided ergonomic armrest:

reduces pressure on the forearms and makes it easier for your upper body muscles to maintain posture, while also providing better shock absorption for your ride. The armrest on our extension can also be adjusted for width, reach and toe-in angle.


All these features can help you adjust your time trial position to the most comfortable and aero position while conforming to ergonomic design for improved comfort. This will minimize the power loss caused by the aero position to the greatest extent possible.

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